Activity “Ride Bike for Earth Day”

On the occasion of the Earth Day under the organization of the Directorate of Culture Youth and Sports of the Municipality of Prizren and the realization from NGO Youth Scouts League of Kosovo and sponsorship support: Sporting, Ponte Coffee and More, Life Fitness, Meridian Express, Golden Read Eagle, Infinit organized for the second time activity “Ride Bike for Earth Day”. Citizens of different ages, riding bicycles on the main streets of the city at a distance of 15 kilometers, have been participants in the main activity on marking the World Earth Day. The organizers expressed their happiness in the performance of the event and thanks to sponsors and citizens for participation. After the event,it was a rewarding game that was organized for the participants, some of whom were rewarded with precious gifts. It is worth noting that the Kosovo Police has contributed greatly to the progress of this activity.

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