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“Youth Scouts League of Kosova’s” Autobiography

In multi-ethnic Kosova Youth Scouts League of Kosovo has the young people of all communities as Albanian,Turkish,Bosnian,Askali and Rom.Was formed in 2002 by volunteers.Our Association treat all comunities same and it is continue to admire by local and international comunities.From the year of establishment until the 2010 our association continue with his activities and on 01.04.2011 change it’s name from “Youth Scouts Association of Kosovo” to “Youth Scouts League of Kosovo” and was accept as Civilian Comunity Institution from Government.Essential activities of Scouts League are: to organize scouting camps,to imbue the young people to love the nature, protecting the nature and environment, to organize sport activities etc.Today in our Association we have about 150 scouts from all nationalities and in short future we think to double their number.Until today we have been host of local and
ternational projects and we join in many activities.

As Association we took part in this activities:

-After a short time that we established our Association in 2002 we organized the camping with 150 scouts by all nationalities such as: Turkish, Albanian, Bosnian and Rome.
– In 2003 as an invited guest of Turkey Scout Federation from Kosovo we take part with 50 young people in Çankkale international camp.
– In June 2005 our Association organize first regional camp,in this camp there were scouts from Kosova, Bosna, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey and Greece.
– In 2006 we represented successfully Kosova in Scout Camp in Ümraniye locality in Turkey.
– On 26-27-28 August 2007 we organize a camp in Lokvica by help of KFOR Forces. In this camp to part the children between 11-15 years old they learned about protecting the ambient and they clean it.
– On 14th December 2007 Youth Scouts Association of Kosovo together with KFOR without looking the religion, language or race we give help packets to Albanian,Turkish,Bosnian and Rom families.
– On 21-22-23 July 2008 3km north of ski center in Prevalac, near 100 boy and girl scouts from 14 to 18 years old took part in this camp which was helped by KFOR.Our Leaders informed young scouts how to open tents,find the direction, how to use the compass and the map.
– On 5th April 2009 we organized climbing in high mountains of Prizren with 50 scouts and 20 leader scouts.
– In March 2009 with support of Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in ski ceneter of Prevalac with 100 scout we clean the ambient and organize seminars to population about ambient and cleaning the nature.
– In May 2010 our scouts were participants in the seminar organized vy KCSF on “Consultation with Civil Society Organizations”.
– On 10 May 2010 we were participants in the activity of cleaning of historical monuments.
– Also in this month we participated in extinguishing the fire in the hills with the Fire Brigade in Prizren.
– On 19 May 2010 was held Marathon for youth, in the evening at 20:00 we organized concert in Sadrvan (Center of City) where the Marathon winners received their awards then the concert continued with the singers as Tolga & Veton,Besmir Shishko,Xherladina Berisha and other groups and finally was throwing fireworks.
– On June 2010 we helped the Association of Mountaineers “Sharri” in organizing the reception in honor of 10 anniversary of the A.M.”Sharri” which was held at the Culture House where were present President of the Municipality Ramadan Muja and representatives of Turkish and German KFOR.
– On 11-12 June 2010 we were participants in the organization of Association Mountaineers “Sharri” to climb to the top of Van Kerkoff that was high 2555 m.
– On 09.07.2010 we were participating in the ecxercise in honor of the Day of Firefighters of Kosova.
– In July 2010 we were participants in the control of territory together with Director of Emergency and Safety,Leader of Fire Brigade and Fire protection and natural disaster inspector by giving people advice on how to operate in place taht they do picnics for the protecting and the possible cause of the fire through the greenery.
– On 08-09-10 October Youth Scouts League of Kosova has organized Multi-ethnic Traditional Camp with youth from all communities of Kosova.Participants were 150 young men and women from all communities where they held seminars for them by Professionals on the Compass use ,Red Cross,Kosovo Security Forces and Scouts.
– On 13 October 2010 we were participating in activities organized by the Red Cross for International Week of Solidarity making citizens aware of the work of the Red Cross.
– On 20 October 2010 we were also participating in activities organize by Red Cross for International Week of Solidarity by collecting money from citizens then to distribute them to teh poor families.
– On 3rd November 2010 we were participants in reception of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan on his visit to Sultan Murad’s place.
– On 10 November 2010 our team was special guest in International Orientation Competition held for the first time in Kosova where it was present the President of the European Federation of Orientation.
– On 28 November 2010 two representatives of Youth Scouts League of Kosovo were participants in Celebrations of 28 November the Flag’s Day which was held in Tetovo (Macedonia).
– On 14 January 2011 we had a meeting with Colonel of the Kosovo Security Force Mr.Xhavit Gashi where we gave him plaque of thanks for the cooperation that we have with hope in the future to continue the cooperation.
– On 19 January 2011 by a vote of teh Board we were accepted as members of the Kosovo Mountaineeing Alpinists Federation and our President Mr.Kazim Topoyan was elected as vice President of the Kosovo Mountaineeing Alpinists Federation.

And in this unforgettable Association,for the contribution that they have given first to teh founder Kaizm Topoyan,our team Leaders and many of our friends that contributed to the successs of this Association THANK YOU.

We are proud that we are scouts of Youth Scouts League of Kosova

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